School Rules

School Rules

Show respect for fellow pupils, teachers, staff, visitors and school property. 

Walk only in the school building and enter \ exit school premises \ building with care. 

Remain seated before and during class, and while eating at appointed times. 

Not leave school grounds without written permission. 

Wear either school uniform or school tracksuit on

appropriate days. 

Supply a written explanation for all absences from school or a written request to leave school early.


Children are:

Responsible for the appearance of, condition and safe keeping of school books, possessions, furniture, equipment and classrooms. 

Encouraged to keep good time, work hard, be honest and truthful.


For the safety of all in Camolin NS:

Children should use the pedestrian gate only. 

Swinging on chairs is forbidden. 

Stud earrings only are allowed and body piercings of any kind are prohibited. 

Helmets with visors must be worn during hurling. 

Entering or playing in the shrubs, bushes, trees or on the walls surrounding the school is strictly forbidden. 

Bullying is always unacceptable and is dealt with separately under the Anti Bullying Policy.