Closure Packs 

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Closure Day Suggestions


If you are concerned about the impact that a will have on your child's education,

the following suggestions have been compiled by Camolin National School. 

There is no obligation for any pupil or guardian to complete this work.

This is an option for those who wish to avail of it.

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Junior and Senior Infants

Read a story/book.. 

Write a sentence or two/three (Senior Infants) and draw a picture about

'My Days Off '

Write a book report of your favourite book and draw a picture

1st and 2nd Class


Read a story/book.

Write a book report about your favourite book.

Write a procedural text - How to make a pancake
Write a daily diary entry and draw a picture - " My Days Off"

Watch Spongebob on TG4
Write 5-10 sentences using previous spellings ( second class only)


Revise tables +1 to  +8
3 hens laid 19 eggs in total.  How many eggs did each hen lay? How many different ways can you find?
Write a list of numbers you can think of that the digits add up to 5 eg 32 (3+2=5)
Play a Maths game - snakes and ladders, connect 4 cards.

Senior Classes 3rd - 6th

3rd & 4th Class 


Continue Mental Maths day by day

Revise all tables x 1 one day, x 2 next etc to x12


English in practice day by day

Continue to read at home every day

Write a procedural piece entitled "how to make a shamrock man" step by step approach


Keep diary of two things you do each day when you're off as Gaeilge.

(Use your verb sheet for helpful verbs to begin your sentences with)

e.g D'ith mégránach don bricfeasta chunaigh mé amach sa ghairdín

5th & 6th Class

 Mental Maths. 

Revise tables.

 Follow maths link  

  to countdown website.

English - 

Read a chapter of a book/novel.
Write a diary entry about 'My days off '.    
Revise spellings.
Write a procedure for playing a card game/hurling/football.


Write five sentences in the Ainsir Chaite & Ainsir Laithreach (5th & 6th)
Revise spellings.