School Books

School Books

 1.School books are extremely expensive and for this reason the different book series in use in the school are changed as rarely as possible. 

2. There is a Book Rental Scheme in existence at present, this is to be paid at the beginning of the school year and it covers all your children's book needs including copies photocopying art etc. 

3. The staff of Camolin NS are committed to the promotion of reading amongst their pupils and will, at regular intervals, publicise book events or book offers, that pupils are free to avail of. Oxford reading tree is used in all classes. Usually the children bring a book, from this scheme, home each evening. 

Please spend time each evening reading with your child. 

4. We also have a ‘Text a parent’ scheme in existence too. At the beginning of the year a note will be sent home in relation to this, explaining how it works and asks which number you would like to receive the text on.