Home/School Communication

Home/School Communication

Frequent communication is of vital importance in developing and nurturing co-operation between home and school. Children often “forget” or relay messages incorrectly, so please, check your child’s bag / homework notebook each night for notes.


In our school, communication between parents

and teachers may take one of the following forms:


1.Individual consultation:This occurs where a parent has asked for an interview with a teacher or has been invited to visit the school to exchange information or to discuss matters of concern. A phone call to Lucy (Secretary) or note to the class teacher requesting such an appointment is always essential. It is also necessary that the purpose of the visit be stated so that teachers may undertake whatever preparation is necessary with regard to information and records. 

2. Appointment with Principal: Parents should contact Secretary at 05393-83455 if they wish to meet the Principal. Parents should meet the class teacher in the first instance. 

3. Parent / teacher meetings for pupils are generally held during the first term. (October/November). 

4. Meetings are held in connection with preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation. 

5.Classes should not be interrupted for any reason. Items that a child has

forgotten should be dropped off in the office and the secretary will disperse

them at the appropriate time.


In addition to the above forms of home/school links,

the following means of communication are also utilized: 

1. Notes in the pupil's homework notebook. 

2. School reports are issued at the end of the school year and are sent out to all parents. 

3. The school calendar is formulated as early in September as possible. 

4. During each term we have a newsletter, where our news and successes are highlighted and shared with the school community. 

5.Our School website is constantly being updated.


The web address is www.camolinnationalschool.com.