Welcome to 3rd & 4th Class

Welcome to our class blog. We look forward to sharing pieces of our work, fun and activities from the classroom. 

maths week 2020

Maths Week this year ran from date. During the week we played lots of fun games and completed different activities.
On Monday, we played board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Connect 4, Battleship and Build a Sandcastle. 
On Tuesday, we tried to solve Sudoku puzzles as a class. 
On Wednesday, we had a Crack the Code Treasure Hunt around the school. We worked in teams or individually to solve problems around the school. Each problem matched a letter. Once we had all the letters it would reveal a code. 
On Thursday, we completed maths questions by guessing how many sweets in a bag, how long was the string and how heavy was the pumpkin. We also solved the mystery of best Halloween costume. The ..... was Harvey.
On Friday, we did a maths trail where we had to answer maths questions about the school.  
The Maths Week challenges were great fun and we can not wait to find out who the winners are!


Fantastic Spooky Art Work!!

Third & Fourth Class have been working hard on their art work for Halloween and Autumn.

Pumpkin Patch

Well done to all the boys and girls in our class who created these perfect pumpkins! We have pumpkins with carved faces, pumpkins that were turned into fruits and cartoon characters and even a Wexford supporter. Thank you to the helpers too. 

Science Week 2020