What Lifts Us Up!

Each child was given a balloon to let us know what lifts them!  From cuddling pets to spending time with the family it all helps us to shake those blues and 'lift' us up!

1st & 2nd Class

Art Work

Ms Creane's class have been very busy with the Art Work since they came back in Januray.  Take a look at the beautiful pictures!

Junior & Senior Class

Aistear Time 

JI and SI very busy in their classroom at Aistear time.  Cutting and sticking, Painting, playdough and Role play............. .  A day in the life of a Doctor and Nurse.  

Halloween 2021

Scary But Fabulous Costumes.

Each class were allowed to dress up in their favourite Halloween costumes!  Just such variety!  You choose your favourite......................